More than just the code

Now you've heard a bit about what clients I like to work with and quick overviews of my main processes. Now I'd talk to talk about what I can do to help.

You probably need help with a Ruby web application, which is my main technical specialty. Perhaps it has some JavaScript written in knockout or jQuery.

Those are all doable.

But there might be even more important projects where I can help you.

Much of my time outside client work is writing non-fiction books and building marketing systems for them. A true self-publisher, I've created systems around each of my books. So much so that they have almost become their own business entities.

This is where my passion lies.

Building systems and automating businesses.

Copywriting. Conversion optimization. Marketing funnels. Email sequences.

Knowing how to program and mixing it with marketing know-how can be an explosive combination.

To get the most value out of me, this is the area I can focus on with you.

Building software to run your sales and marketing systems.

Eric Davis

P.S. Don't think you don't need marketing systems either. I'm a one person company and even at that small scale, my marketing systems have already paid off substantially.

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