My daughter is learning things Shopify store owners forget

My daughter started talking at a young age.

Now that she's four, she never stops talking.

Yesterday morning she was eating her breakfast as usual.

chomp chomp chomp Mommy, are you going to send emails at work today?

chomp chomp chomp I'm wearing long sleeves because it's cold.

But then she started to talk more and more, and eat less.

What started as a regular balance of eating and talking shifted towards more talking than eating.

My wife and I kept reminding her that she's going to run out of time and won't be able to to get to her morning stuff. This sparked even more conversations that went on for several minutes.

By the time she was done eating it was time to leave.

P: "But what about feeding Sara?"

me: "Well, I'll feed her so I'll get the quarter instead of you."

P: "But then how will I save for my doll?"

me: "I don't know. Maybe if you focused on eating instead of talking you would have had time to do your morning stuff. We're out of time now."

Slowly this little kid is learning time management and looking beyond the next five minutes.

When she's too busy doing two things at once, she does a poor job on both of them. When this happens with her chores, she doesn't earn her money which then makes it harder for her to save up for a new doll.

That's a lesson every business owner should remember.

It's better to focus on one thing that really matters, than to split your attention and do of a poor job at both.

There's very few places that your focus could have a greater impact than your repeat customer funnel. An hour or two spent there will have an out-sized impact on your entire store.

When you need help deciding what to do with those hours, Repeat Customer Insights can help:

Just don't talk with your mouth full.

Eric Davis

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