My Spring mistake and why I’m getting help now

The past six months have been a wild ride with my Shopify apps. With strong month-over-month growth, things have been really great but I’ve made one mistake.

I haven’t asked for help.

I enjoy many aspects of my work but often there are days where I just. Can’t. Get. To. Things.

Sometimes important things.

Other times urgent things.

Every now and then they’ll cascade and end up making things worse in the short-term.

Every business goes through it as the business changes. I even expected it.

But my mistake was not asking for help soon enough.

There are several key areas in my business where if I had help, I could work more effectively and be able to help my customers (you) more.

For example, if I could get a handful of hours for development I could research and add a new review app integration for JSON-LD for SEO, which could help you get the reviews Rich Snippet. Which would eventually lead to more sales for your store.

Now I’m asking for help from a few people to try to become more effective.

Eric Davis

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