Don't neglect your core components

I was working in the blogging component in Shopify this week for Linking Llama. The last time I was in that area was about five or six years ago for a client so I was hopeful to see some major improvements.

Turns out nothing much has changed.

It got a few coats of paint with all the redesigns and then AI has been tossed in, but the core (and the gaps) haven't progressed.

I could understand it being ignored if this was something rarely used. Say, a specialty payment card that is accepted in one country. But this is one of the core components that every store has setup. It's also the primary way to get organic traffic to the majority of Shopify stores.

(This is probably partially why a lot of page builder apps have sprung up over the years. Blogs and pages just lack the features in the core platform so they need apps for the innovation)

While every business has areas that need improvement, if those are your core components and you haven't improved them over five years then that's telling your customers something. Especially since it'll be your most loyal and repeat customers who notice the lack of updates.

Apply this to your own business and learn from it. What areas have you neglected over the years that are core to what you're offering?

Eric Davis

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