Optimize a New Customer Welcome campaign

When it comes to repeat customers, getting the second order is the hardest thing.

Most stores I review for Repeat Customer Insights are limited by their one-time customers failing to convert to two-time customers.

It’s an industry-wide phenomenon.

Breaking through that wall can really make a difference though. Once a customer has made their second purchase, the chances of further purchases goes up as well as the order sizes, speed of orders, and many other metrics.

One place to focus on optimizing this critical 1st to 2nd orders is through your New Customer Welcome campaign.

A weak repeat purchase rate is usually caused by a lackluster New Customer Welcome campaign. Customers just aren’t engaged, inspired, or even happy so they don’t come back.

There are plenty of optimizations you can do once you discover this is a problem, just make sure to back the changes up with data on sales and repurchases over the customer’s next few months. Don’t rely on notoriously bad open and click rates alone.

If you have no idea how your repeat purchase rate is doing, Repeat Customer Insights can figure that out for you.

It’s just one of the metrics the app extracts from your existing Shopify sales data.

Eric Davis

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