Optimize your critical marketing processes and ignore the rest

Last week I finally got around to cleaning up my list of writing ideas.

It's been a year since my last cleaning so I took this time to review all of my ideas, throw away old ones that aren't relevant, and group them into new categories.

It took some time but there were several hundred in there.

Now my writing process is even more streamlined. I'll save time everyday and be able to find the interesting topics easier.

That's one thing I like about content and email marketing. It doesn't require a lot of processes so it's easy for one improvement to have a major impact on the end results.

Since that's also a major channel for attracting customers, it's a win all around.

Knowing which marketing channels are productive for you is an important step when making improvements. You don't want to waste time to optimize a channel that only brings in 2% of your sales.

That's why some reports in Repeat Customer Insights include the ability to filter the data by acquisition source.

If your in-store POS is bringing in better customers in the long-term over your ads, that's where your resources should focus on. New signs, better displays, etc. Not as fancy as the latest and greatest whiz-bang idea but it'll be better for your business.

That's what really matters.

Eric Davis

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