Overtaking the Shopify export limits by driving in the fast lane

The other day a customer of Repeat Customer Insights mentioned to me how limited Shopify's order and customer export. Chiefly that they are capped to only 9,000 records per export.

This was news to me.

That means when you have more than 9,000 customers you'd have to manually export them in batches. One by one.

With the few hundred thousand customers that store has, it would take dozens of exports each time they wanted to look at their customer data as a whole.

No wonder a lot of Shopify stores have trouble with customer analysis.

Contrast that to apps which don't have any such a limitation.

There is a data "speed limit" that Shopify imposes but given enough time, it's possible to pull all of the data you need. For example, Repeat Customer Insight's importer imports and analyzes about 79k orders per hour and a large portion of that time are the series of analyses it does.

With the limit on the exports, you almost have to turn to an app in order to do even medium-scale customer analysis.

Which explains why the Customer Export feature in my app has been so well received.

If you've been trying to export your customer data, the Customer Export feature is included on every Repeat Customer Insights account.

Plus you'll get access to the variety of customer analyses it includes so you might not even need to export and do your analysis by hand.

Eric Davis

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