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With a certain social network imploding, it's as important as ever to remember that any social media strategy has the risk of getting shutdown at any moment.

A friend of mine built up a huge following on Facebook years ago. Then Facebook started to charge them each time they wanted to contact their following. Almost overnight their business had to shift their marketing to build up their own list and move off of Facebook.

It happens again and again and again with every social platform that comes along.

To avoid throwing away all that work, make sure that you have your own places for customers and potential customers to go to. That should be an email list or a forum you own.

Without that, you're at the mercy of the social media companies and your business is dependent on them and their shareholders.

So setup an email list.

Post your content to your blog first.

Hold discussions in your own forum.

Once you're doing that, then look at using social media to amplify your messages. Don't rely on social media as the sole source of your message.

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Eric Davis

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