Planning two seasons ahead to avoid rushing and missed deadlines

With August and summer starting to wind down, I've been getting the last plants into the garden for fall and winter. Fifty-something kales, a couple of dozen spinach, and flowers that can stand the cold.

It feels odd to be thinking about winter in August but if I delay much longer, nothing will grow strong enough before the cold sets in.

It's also the time to start getting your store's holiday promotions figured out.

More and more stores are starting their Black Friday in October. With inflation and shipping slowdowns, I expect many consumers are going to be on the lookout for any kind of deal. Delay too long with your promotions and the market might move on without you.

At the very least you should have a rough idea of what promotions you'll run and when they'll start. Then you can get to work on the early ones.

With the month change, Repeat Customer Insights will be taking it's next monthly Customer Grid snapshot.

That's where it saves the state of your customer base and segments to compare against later. Having a couple pre-holiday snapshots from September and October can help evaluate customer behavior changes during the holidays. You might even find some of those ultra-early shoppers.

If you install soon then you can get a Customer Grid snapshot of your customers.

Eric Davis

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