Poor packaging damages customer loyalty

While this time of the year can be stressful, it's important to keep quality up.

We've had a number of packages screwed up this month. One with no padding (and damaged product leaking out), one missing tape on the bottom, one with a soaking wet box and no liner (and damaged books), and one with an entire side missing and covered with tape.

Some fault lies with the carrier (soaking wet) but it's clear many orders where shipped out with insufficient padding or bad packaging.

The root cause could be bad incentives (number of orders shipped per day), poor training, or skimming packaging costs.

Each poorly-packed package hurts your customer's opinion of you and many hurt your bottom-line. Half of those are getting replaced at the companies cost.

Getting your products into the hands of your customers is your first step towards a profitable customer relationship. The customer showed up and trusted you with their order. Having preventable mistakes during shipping starts you off at a disadvantage.

Eric Davis

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