It's time to review how Q3 ended before Q4 starts

Today marks the last workday of the quarter. Next week starts Q4 with the whole holiday marketing rush.

For myself, most Shopify stores, and people involved in ecommerce that means starting to get everything finished before things get really busy.

With the end of the quarter, it's also a great time to look back and see how your store has performed this quarter and this year. How are orders doing? How are customers? Is acquisition strong? Are customers showing signs of loyalty?

Knowing where you stand going into the next three months will be important. There's still time to make a change or shift the year significantly.

When you want to see how your customer base is performing, Repeat Customer Insights can automatically slice the data up by year or quarter and even compare many metrics for you. Not only this quarter against last quarter, but also this quarter last year, etc.

Eric Davis

Compare how your sales perform

Comparing sales channel performance is vital to understanding where to invest your resources. Repeat Customer Insights will analyze the channels that send you customers so you can directly compare.

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