Reduce buying friction by remembering what a customer said

This past weekend I worked on our taxes.

Our accountant uses a computer program to collect our data which she then turns into the reams of paper the IRS wants.

The software is customized to include our prior years data and forms which speeds everything up.

Annoyingly though, every year we have to confirm that we want to use the software instead of a paper version. And if we forgot to confirm, we get the paper.

Even though every year for the past 10+ years we've used the digital version, we're still asked and have to confirm our choice.

This is a minor annoyance but even something this small causes friction.

The accountant-to-business-owner relationship can tolerate a lot of friction but what about your customers?

Are your processes or software asking them the same questions over-and-over again and causing them friction?

If you ask for them something, remember their choices or stop asking entirely. You might find their behavior improves and they stick around longer.

You don't have to be guessing in the dark when it comes to your customer behavior either.

Repeat Customer Insights shows you behavior patterns and places to optimize your Shopify store, leading to more and better repeat customers.

Eric Davis

Customer behavior analysis for better Shopify store performance

The Shopify App that increases repeat customer purchases through customer behavior analysis.

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