Remembering how your customers behaved this month

February wrapped up with only a tiny amount of snow last week. Versus last year I have photos of the entire yard under a thick blanket of snow with very few plants visible.

What a difference year-over-year can be.

Later this afternoon (midnight UTC time), Repeat Customer Insights will be taking snapshots of the monthly customer segments. That means those stores will be able to look back at how their customers were segmented as of March 1st in the app's Customer Grids.

It's great data to add into year-over-year comparisons.

If you don't have the app installed yet or have an account that doesn't have the Customer Grid history, you still have time today to install or upgrade.

Eric Davis

Refine your automated marketing campaigns with better timing

When building any automated marketing campaign that sends messages over time, you need to know how long the campaign should be and how long to delay the messages. The Customer Purchase Latency metrics calculated by Repeat Customer Insights can help you figure out that timing.

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