Shipping out Q3 and getting Q4 from the Shopify warehouse

The last day of the 3rd quarter has now passed.

"What are you doing to end it on a high note?"

"Are you happy with the direction things have gone over the past 3 months?"

"How will you start the 4th quarter?"

You should ask yourself questions like this regularly.

Many ask themselves these at the end of the year but this process is too valuable to only ask once every 365 days.

Start by checking in with your larger goals every quarter. Once that’s working well, do it every month.

Go beyond just sales targets and traffic levels and consider your happiness now and in the near future.

For myself I have five features planned for Repeat Customer Insights and JSON-LD for SEO before the holiday busy season starts. The first is almost done and the second is about 20% done.

They’ve caused a bit of a headache to create but once they’re finished, the benefits for my customers will outweigh the effort.

Eric Davis

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