Silent Defectors

"If our customers didn't like our products, they'd let us know"

"We don't get any complaints about that so it's not a problem"

"Customers aren't buying again but won't say why"

These are all signs of silent defectors. The vast majority of customers who aren't satisfied with your products will just leave and never buy again. They won't email you, call customer service, or fill out NPS surveys.

They'll just ignore you and buy from someone else.

You can't take the lack of complaints as a sign that things are doing well. It could be that your defecting customers are just silent.

The only way to know if you're losing customers is to measure the ones who do come back. This is the Repeat Purchase Rate (RPR) and is one of the key metrics Repeat Customer Insights measures and tracks for you.

Once you your RPR, you'll be able to figure out how many customers defected. It's easy, it's everyone else.

Finding out why customers defect will take time and effort. With RPR you can measure your progress.

Eric Davis

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