Solve the customer's problem for them

While shopping last week I saw a store selling pre-assembled gift bags. The bag was already expanded and filled with tissue paper so you could buy it along with your gift and be done.

Contrast that with how I always remembered doing it:

  1. buy gift
  2. buy box of gift bags because they weren't sold individually
  3. buy container of tissue paper
  4. open everything up in your car, assemble it, and over-stuff the bag because you didn't have room to separate the tissue paper
  5. give-up and say "good enough"
  6. promptly forget about the other gift bags until they get crushed and bent out-of-shape

By pre-assembling the gift bags, the store is solving a customer problem ("need to wrap a gift") without having to have a dedicated gift-wrapping department. Plus the store could sell the gift bag for more than the individual parts.

When it comes to bundling products, don't just look for similar products. Look for ones that enable your customer to have a better buying experience. Sell the batteries, the wires to hook it up, the garment bag.

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Eric Davis

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