Solving the "which task to work on" problem

If you're struggling with planning what to do with your Shopify store for the holiday season, here's one way to focus.

Plan out what one thing you're going to do each week.

This one thing should be about 2-4 hours of focused work. Something that you can do in half a day or during one late night work session while a movie's on.

But only plan one of those each week.

There are about 10 weeks left in the year so all you need is 10 of them in order to make it through the year.

You can link them together (e.g. create email campaign for Black Friday, create email campaign for Christmas) or you can build on top of each one (e.g. create ad banners and creatives for Black Friday, create email campaign for Black Friday).

But don't go overboard with some grand plan befitting a Bond villain.

Keep them simple. Keep them understandable.

These 10 mini-projects are a chance for you to get to things you've been waiting to try out too.

Never used card abandonment emails? Now you can.

Want to replace an old video from 2010 on your homepage? Perfect time.

Keep doing all your day-to-day work but use these as a way to make this year better than last year.

You don't need a big idea to grow. You just need ongoing execution.

One mini-project I'd recommend is tuning your free shipping or discount thresholds. You want it to be high enough that you're selling more than normal, even after you take into account shipping costs.

An easy way to do this is to use Repeat Customer Insights to get your Average Order Value, add your shipping costs, and then round the number up to the next pretty number (e.g. $72 up to $75, $89 up to $100).

Repeat Customer Insights includes dozens of other metrics but Average Order Value is a simple one to start with.

Eric Davis

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