Spot customer acquisition issues with the Customer Grid and RFM

Comparing the Customer Grids in Repeat Customer Insights can help you spot customer acquisition issues.

The New and Promising New segments include customers who have only purchased one time. Their main difference is how recently they purchased.

Comparing them month-to-month, you'll want to check their counts.

If the counts are increasing, you're acquiring more new customers than you're losing out of those segments. This is a great sign for customer acquisition as it proves your acquisition is growing your customer base.

On the other hand, if your New and Promising New segments are shrinking then that's a clear sign that your store is struggling to acquire customers.

In both cases, some customers will convert to other segments as they become more loyal or start to defect. Without a supply of new customers though, you're store could become customer starved and eventually growth slows down.

Eric Davis

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Measure your customer loyalty

Measure the different levels of customer loyalty with Repeat Customer Insights. It uses various models to segment and grade your customers based on their behavior.

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