Squeeze a bit more trust into your Shopify store

I'm going to plant some squash and chia in one of the garden beds. Both plants that need a lot of heat to grow.

With spring just getting started, that bed is empty and will be empty for another month at least.

So I planted a 100 or so radishes in it. They'll keep the soil moist, block weeds, and we'll have some extra veggies until the squash and chia are ready to go in.

It's basically a free-crop, as the cost of seeds was about $0.04.

Your store has a lot of opportunities for free-crops when it comes to your customer's trust.

Adding trust badges is a popular one but even small things like the words you use ("us" vs "you"), having photos of the founders, or sending a simple thank you email to each new customer can help.

Tiny trust builders will help a little bit but they are so easy to add that they are like my tiny radish seeds. Cheap, quick, and pretty carefree once you get them planted.

Repeat Customer Insights includes some advice like those as well as larger, more-impactful campaign ideas. But if all you have is a couple of months and a handful of minutes, start small and improve it later.

Eric Davis

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