Taking measurements to find the just-right zone

Since upgrading the heating and air in our house last year, I've had more control about the temperature my office is.

As I start to feel too cold or hot I can turn it on, without having to adjust the whole house's temperature.

The problem is that it replies my feel to decide to turn it on or off. I could set it to just run and maintain a temperature but I don't want to keep the system running when I leave for a couple of hours.

Today I setup a small thermometer in the office. Just a basic one costing $5 that measures the temperature and humidity.

Now I can easily see what "too cold" and "too hot" actually means for me (72, 70, 66?). That'll give me a range of where I'm most comfortable at.

Your Shopify store has a mixture of things to measure for its "too cold" or "too hot".

Which metrics you use will depend on your specific store but Average Order Value, Orders per Month, and overall conversion rate are three important ones for most stores. If they get too far out of normal then you might have a situation on your hands (good or bad).

Average Order Value and Orders per Month are tracked in Repeat Customer Insights and it'll even automatically compare and highlight potential problems in them (e.g. dropped below this quarter last year).

The app comes with a 14-day free trial so you can see if it detects anything for your store right away.

Eric Davis

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