Taking a risk with my best product

A couple of weeks ago I published a new version of JSON-LD for SEO’s app store page using all of my copywriting skills I’ve gained over the years.

While I’m very happy with the outcome, I’ll tell you one thing…

I was scary.

That app is responsible for the majority of my business income and the old page, while out-dated, performed reasonably well already.

The new page was a complete rewrite from the ground up.

After publishing it I was watching it like a hawk.

Is it still getting traffic?

Are people reading it?

Are the installs still happening?

Did I just kill the golden goose?

Which goblet had the iocane powder?

These and various other questions started running around my head.

But there is one thing I’ve learned with this stuff, sometimes you have to commit and risk failure.

Worst case, it under-performs and I replace it with a backup copy I made (and you always make a backup copy).

Best case, it performs really well and my business reaches a whole new level.

Most-likely case, it performs about the same but new customers now understand more clearly what benefits they’re getting.

Keep this in mind when you’re doing your own marketing campaigns for your store or making any big change.

Put in the effort so you have the best chance of performing well, but be okay with failure.

If you’re curious about what the final page looks like, you can see it here: JSON-LD for SEO App Store page

Eric Davis

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