Test your New Customer Welcome campaign

One thing to test out this week before Black Friday is any automation that adds new customers to your New Customer Welcome campaign.

This is a pretty simple automation, complexity-wise, but it's a vital one. You want to be confidant that every new customer who orders is added to the correct campaign and they start to receive your new customer emails.

Done right, you'll have the chance to convert some of these holiday shoppers into repeat customers. Given what I've seen with Repeat Customer Insights, this step from one order to two orders is the most important one for success over the next year.

Eric Davis

Promote products that create your best customers

When it's time to run a promotion, how do you pick the products to feature? Best sellers are okay but wouldn't it better to promote the products that crate the best customers? Repeat Customer Insights will analyze your product and buyer behavior to show which products and variants lead to the highest quality customers.

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