The magic of Square repeat customer receipts

Quite a few stores around here are using Square for their POS.

As a consumer, it's a decent system. I haven't had any complaints about it.

But there's one feature they have that is pretty amazing.

The first time you use it, the app will ask you how you want the receipt -- printed, via text, or via email.

If you pick email, you get a nicely formatted email receipt.

Standard POS stuff.

The next time you use that credit card with another Square retailer, any retailer, your receipt will automatically be emailed to you.

Instead of having to type in your email address every time or with every retailer, Square remembers it.

This simple feature really improves the customer experience.

They save time and hassle at checkout.

They get their receipt how they want it.

And the receipt includes extra information you'd except from the retailer (e.g. address, social links, online ordering, customer ratings).

Square has built a pretty nice system.

The only thing lacking is that Square doesn't share much of that information with the retailer.

But what if they did? Or, what if you had a similar system that would remember your customers and their preferences automatically?

Shopify can do a little bit customer customization out of the box but no where near what Square does.

There's definitely some untapped potential here if your store wants to do deep personalization.

It won't do any of the personalization for you but Repeat Customer Insights will help you learn more about your customers and their behavior.

Eric Davis

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