The reward comes from the work

The past two weeks (and weekends) have been pretty hectic in the garden.

True Spring and its heat arrived finally three weeks ago after a cold and wet start. That meant it was time to everything into the ground or greenhouse, including 110 tomatoes, 50 or so peppers, and 20 cucumbers. (Many will be neighborhood gifts, I don't have room for everything to grow up)

All the planning and work I did over winter finally came to a conclusion in the past two weeks. Instead of being behind going into summer like in previous years, I'm now a month or so ahead. Hopefully the results will be a reward.

Big sales and product launches can work the same way. Months of work that come down to a single moment.

But that's just the story we tell ourselves right?

Just because I planted some tomatoes doesn't mean "I made it" for the year.

Just because you launched a new product doesn't mean you're successful.

The launch is important yes, but it's the real work that comes after that matters just as much. The watering, pruning, and harvesting. The promotions, media tours, and review samples.

Planning upfront is important. The launch is important. The post-launch is important. Planning the next launch is important.

It's all one big cycle.

By all means congratulate yourself each step of a way, but realize the next step is critical too.

Eric Davis

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