Throwing out the baby with the bath water

Sometimes you just have to break things.

Incremental change is less risky and usually a more successful strategy.

Content optimizations. Copy tweaks. Website rescues. A/B tests.

But in rare times it might be worthwhile throwing what you have out and breaking it all.

Just don't mix up "the desire to start over" with the actual need to start over.

It's very rare that something completely new will be better than what you have now. It'll probably suck and under-perform for awhile. Sometimes a long while. Sometimes forever. But the hope is that in the long-term it'll be better.

And if you do think you need to break everything and start over... wait until you have the time and energy to dedicate to it. Breaking things when against a deadline in your busy season is probably only going to hurt. Until then, incremental progress is your best friend.

Eric Davis

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