Tiny tip: go through your checkout and find what blocking your sales

Today’s tiny tip is a simple one, but it could find some major improvements in your Shopify store.

That’s to go through your checkout process.

Add an item to your cart, start checkout, enter your address, pay, and end up on the order confirmation page.

This is the critical path for your business. A failure or weak process here will directly translate to worse sales.

If you can, record your screen while you checkout and then watch the video afterwards. Criticize every step and every piece of information shown to make sure it’s important to the customer. You might not be able to change everything but chances are you’ll find a bunch of problems you could fix

Problems you never realized were there.

Pair that with a solid traffic strategy like SEO and you could start seeing some major improvements.

Most Shopify themes don’t quality for Google’s Rich Results so they lose out on highly visible SEO enhancements.

JSON-LD for SEO provides high-quality data that will let your store qualify for Rich Results. Often times faster than the industry averages.

Eric Davis

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