Tom Sawyer was right

The other night my daughter was told to clean her room.

Like any kid, her room tends toward a state a chaos but we let her slide over the past few weeks.

But it got bad enough that she was told to start cleaning before bedtime instead of reading or playing.

20 minutes of cleaning later and her bedtime alarm sounded.

She didn't want to stop.

In that short time, cleaning went from a chore into something enjoyable. Enjoyable enough that she asked if she could keep cleaning the next day. And the next day.

Even us adults pull this stunt.

We procrastinate doing something that we think we won't enjoy.

We make all the excuses in the world or find some other "urgent" task that we "have" to do first.

But then when we sit down to actually do the thing we were avoiding, it's usually easier and more enjoyable than we thought. Not every time, but often enough.

I bet there are things you know you should be working on but you're also avoiding them.

Maybe you should follow my daughter's lead and just clean your room.

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