Topic ideas for a new customer welcome campaign

Here's some ideas you can use to fill out your new customer welcome campaign.

  • Longer form product reviews
  • Founder's story, company history
  • Customer service resources
  • Customer successes
  • Other brands that you trust (not competitors but others who are similar to your brand)
  • Product tutorials
  • Uncommon uses for your products
  • Peeks inside your company operations
  • Assuming stories about the company, employees, or customers

Don't feel you need to cram them all in. Pick the ones that will be the most entertaining or relevant.

Remember, the point of the new customer welcome campaign is to get new customers to trust your brand and come back to make another purchase. That's one of the easiest ways to grow repeat, loyal customers and why Repeat Customer Insights often includes building that campaign in its advice.

Eric Davis

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Topics: New customer welcome campaign

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