Trashing old Shopify code that slowed down conversions

With my Shopify customers' getting ready for their busy season, I've scheduled time to work on smaller tasks that have been put off.

Many of these are optimizations to my business processes and systems to make things run smoother.

One was to remove the AdRoll retargeting code I was using.

Running ads for my apps worked but it took too much time for the return. So last year around November I turned off my ads. (Especially because of how high ad prices were getting bid up)

I left the code around in case I wanted to restart them this year.

This week I looked back and decided that even having the code around was causing the biggest page slowdowns.

Removing the code was easy, only taking an hour or so plus testing.

Right now is a good time to think about everything running on your store. Beyond Shopify apps, consider any popups, prompts, tracking codes, and advertising scripts.

All of those can extract a cost to you and your visitors. The most notable are the monthly fees you pay and the slow page speeds your visitors experience.

Remove the old code and ones you don't use anymore. Consider paring back or consolidating the non-critical ones.

You might need to hire a theme developer or get a website rescue if it's really rough or your store has had a few years since its last cleaning.

But this sort of high leverage activity can be big for your sales.

While other apps will use out-dated structured data or slow-performing JavaScript for their structured data, JSON-LD for SEO adds the most up-to-date structured data directly into your theme. That means it runs on Shopify's high-powered servers and doesn't add any delays to your store's performance.

That's just one of the reasons why it's trusted by thousands of Shopify stores.

Eric Davis

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