Using the Repeat Customer Insights export data

Working with your Repeat Customer Insights export inside of Excel is easy because all of the segmentation data is included.

A few notes on the data.

Customer lists

There are multiple customers lists included in the export.

  • customer-list.csv includes all of your store’s customers.
  • customer-list-grade-A.csv includes all of your A-graded customers. There are additional files for each other grade.
  • customer-list-by-segment[…].csv includes customers who belong to the specific, named automatic segment.

Each file has the same format as the main customer-list.csv. They are provided to make it easy to grab a specific segment without having to use Excel to filter them yourself.

  • LTV as cents is the total spent, in cents.e.g. 1000 is $10.00
  • LTV as decimal is the total spent as a two-digit decimal. e.g. 10.00 is $10.00
  • Orders count is the number of orders.
  • Recent order at is the date of the last order.
  • Grade is what you see in the web UI, from A-F (excluding E).
  • Recency score, Frequency score, Monetary score are the components of the RFM analysis. 5 means the top 20% of your customers for the score, 4 means the next 20%, etc.
  • Rfm is the combination of the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary scores with a range from 555 (best) to 111 (worst).
  • Cohort is their customer cohort based on when they first ordered.
  • Segments are the Automatic Customer Segments they belong to.

Customer Purchase Latency report

There can be multiple exports for your Customer Purchase Latency report, one per period enabled on your account.

  • Top row are the labels
  • Each row afterwards is for the next segment of customers by order number, e.g. 2 includes customers with at least 2 orders
  • Number of orders is the number of customers who have placed this many orders
  • Latency is the average number of days since the last order before this order

Customer Cohort report

There are a few exports from the Customer Cohort report:

  1. the number of customers in each cohort and month,
  2. the percentage of customers in each cohort who bought per month,
  3. the cumulative number of customers in each cohort,
  4. the cumulative percentage of customers in each cohort.

They’ll look similar to the actual reports in the app.

  • Top row are the labels
  • Each row afterwards is another cohort
  • First column is the cohort name
  • Second column is the total for the entire cohort (either the number of customers or 100% depending on which report)
  • Each additional column is the next month in that cohort’s history

Just contact me if you have any other questions on the data.

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