Using the Repeat Customer Insights export data

Working with your Repeat Customer Insights export inside of Excel is easy because all of the segmentation data is included.

A few notes on the columns:

  • LTV as cents is the total spent, in cents.e.g. 1000 is $10.00
  • LTV as decimal is the total spent as a two-digit decimal. e.g. 10.00 is $10.00
  • Orders count is the number of orders.
  • Recent order at is the date of the last order.
  • Grade is what you see in the web UI, from A-F (excluding E).
  • Recency score, Frequency score, Monetary score are the components of the RFM analysis. 5 means the top 20% of your customers for the score, 4 means the next 20%, etc.
  • Rfm is the combination of the Recency, Frequency, and Monetary scores with a range from 555 (best) to 111 (worst).

Just contact me if you have any other questions on the data.

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