Use your variant data to see how your products actually perform

In Shopify, how you organize variants is a big deal.

Do you have one product with a bunch of variants?

Or make each variant its own product?

There's pros and cons for each method and it's been discussed to death.

One aspect that's not mentioned much is how your organization decision impacts your reporting and thus, how you look at decisions about the product lines.

If you're looking at your products to focus on your most profitable products, looking at the variant versions might change the math. Should weak selling variants drag down the better ones? Can you cut some variants or do you have to cut the whole product line as a whole?

Getting a clear picture of both the product as a whole and the individual variants is vital for any product analysis. Ideally you want to compare and contrast all three options and see how your decisions might change:

That's why in the product analysis in Repeat Customer Insights both sides are analyzed. The product as a whole and each individual variant.

That might tell you to cut the blue men's variant while keeping the red ones and the entire women's line.

Eric Davis

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