Was that an unusually good period or are things getting better?

This week I released some additional Insights for Repeat Customer Insights.

Insights are my fancy name for the automatic analysis and advice that the app gives you based on what its algorithms find in your data.

These new Insights will compare your Shopify store's performance in specific dates to how it performed overall. For example, how 2020 performed compared to the last 7 years you've been in business.

Specifically it compares your AOV, Latency, Repeat Purchase Rate, Repeat Sales Percentage, and Average Orders per Month.

They also work with your sales channels (e.g. POS) and the order sequencing where it makes sense (e.g. 3rd order AOV performance).

This is part of my push to have Repeat Customer Insights not only analyze the data, but give you recommendations on what actions to take. Because metrics alone are worthless, they need decisions and actions to become valuable.

Eric Davis

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Leaky funnel losing repeat customers?

Are you struggling to grow your repeat purchases because your customers keep defecting? Use Repeat Customer Insights to find out where in their lifecycle you're losing them.

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