When to quit

Sometimes in order to grow you have to quit.

That might mean quitting bad habits or replacing them with better ones.

It could mean quitting something you love doing because there's something you have to do.

Or if could be admitting to yourself that you just can't do it.

But admitting that you're quitting is difficult. There's such a stigma associated with quitting.

Yet quitting is just a decision you make to not do something.

There's thousands of decisions you make to not do things every day. Are each those considered quitting? No, they are just decisions.

There's one book that I make sure to read every few months called The Dip by Seth Godin.

It's a great little book on quitting or more importantly, quitting in such a way that you make space for pursuing better things.

At just over 100 pages it's a very quick read but I've read it multiple times each year and it gets better each time.

Whether you read it or not, just make sure you're quitting the wrong things in your life to make room for the right things

Eric Davis

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