Your Black Friday checklists

It's time to create two Black Friday checklists.

By now you should know what you're going to be doing for Black Friday, but a checklist will help you make sure nothing is missed.

You're going to want two different lists.

A Do list.

A Check list. (Also called a Confirm list but I love the pun of the Check List checklist)

The Do list is a list of thing you need to do or someone on your staff needs to do.

These will be manual things that couldn't be scheduled in advance. Unlocking the front door early at 5am would be an example of a Do item.

The Check list are things that should happen automatically but you should check on to make sure they worked.

Did your morning marketing email get sent out on time? Are the Black Friday prices showing up? That sort of thing.

One list is for actions, one list is for confirming.

Start these lists now and keep adding to them. Even during the day and through the Black Friday weekend, keep adding to and working through them. They are your reminders to keep things from falling through the cracks.

And when it's over, save them for next year. It's surprising how much you'll be able to reuse these from year-to-year.

Also, now is a good time to take a look at your customer behavior before the holidays.

The cohort report in Repeat Customer Insights can help you see how customers have been reordering in past months and past holidays. It could give you a leg up when predicting how this year will go.

Eric Davis

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