Little Stream Software Radar

The Little Stream Software Radar is an examination of different applied technologies and their usefulness to developers and businesses to build applications.

This serves as a mix of my preferred development stack with some foresight of how technology is changing and where new innovations might occur.

2015 Focus

Ruby and Ruby on Rails still stays a strong server-side component. I'll be focusing on the advanced architectures and quality maintenance aspects in 2015. Basically, there are a lot of good Rails applications in production with no intentions of migrating away from Ruby, while there has been an exodus to Node.js and Go.

With the rapid pace of change in client-side/frontend JavaScript, I'll be focusing on a breadth of options. The major libraries from only two years ago have fallen out of favour and it doesn't make sense to heavily invest in a single option until the community has stabilized more. Angular.js seems like a great prospect but the 1.x to 2.x path has thrown a lot of doubt into the mix for 2015.

Adopt / In production

These technologies should be adopted or are already in production. Their cost/value ratio makes them an easy benefit for any business.


These technologies are worth pursing. They will include risks but the benefits outweigh them in most cases.


These are worth exploring in order to learn and gain knowledge about where and how they can be used.

Hold / Sunset

Technologies on hold are ones that are too violate for evaluation, declining usability, or prior technology that is dying (sunset). Avoid relying on these on new projects and actively migrate away from on existing projects.


Technology that hasn't been categorized yet.

Based on and heavily influenced by ThoughtWork's Radar

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