A/B Split Test Calculator – Background

A/B testing is a major part of conversion optimization. But not every system supports it so A/B test data has to be collected and checked manually. This A/B split test calculator was developed for that.


Conversion optimization relies heavily on A/B tests. The faster A/B tests can run, the faster the optimizations, and the more benefit to the organization. This leads to running multiple A/B tests across different platforms.

Unfortunately not every platform includes A/B testing support so they need to be run and calculated manually. The existing A/B split testing calculators suffer from usability problems which made the confidence calculations slow.

This tool fixes many of those usability problems and makes checking A/B results a breeze.

  • Clear labels for the Control and Experiment
  • Raw values used instead of conversion rates, which are commonly rounded
  • Live calculations that happen as the values are entered, providing super fast results
  • Ad-free
  • Embeddable so it can run on any website

Technology Used