– Ruby on Rails self-service customer portal


  • Allow information posted to the server to be sent out to all installed Desktop programs
  • Create a web panel to manage license codes for a product

At a Glance

  • Web notification system for software updates
  • Web messaging system for release notifications and urgent updates
  • Administration panel to create and manage customer TomTom© licenses is a Ruby on Rails website Advantage Route Systems uses to support their customers. I added some features to help improve the communication between Advantage Route Systems and their customers.


I worked with Advantage Route Systems to add some new features to their support website.

To improve communication on their technical support website, I added RSS syndication to allow Advantage Route Systems to push documentation and software updates to their customer’s desktop programs.

An administration panel was created that allows their employees to modify a set of license codes for their products. This allowed their technical support team to resolve customer issues, without involving a system administrator

Technology Used

Status: Complete

Company: Advantage Route Systems