kindle.rb – scripts to convert a Kindle notes file into reviewable chunks

kindle.rb is a collection of classes and scripts that can be used to manage a kindle notes file.


Highlighting and taking notes on a Kindle is very easy but it can be difficult to review the notes later. All Kindles store highlights and notes in a specially formatted file. kindle.rb is designed to read that file and convert the notes into other formats.

The latest code is hosted on GitHub.

Technology Used

Status: Complete, active status.

Company: Little Stream Software, Open Source


  • Parse the Kindle’s notes file into a standard format, separated by book
  • Support adding new notes to a book later on (e.g. re-reading a book and adding new notes)
  • Export notes to CouchDB
  • Export notes to org-mode files

At a Glance

  • Open Source plugin for Redmine
  • List all of the books you have notes for
  • Export your kindle notes to org-mode files, one file per book
  • Export your kindle notes to CouchDB