Redmine Budget Plugin


  • Allow a project manager to break a project down into deliverables
  • Attach financial values to each deliverable to be used for estimating
  • Provide an automatic status report for managers to track key financial performance indicators

At a Glance

The Redmine Budget plugin is a plugin for the Redmine Project Management suite to manage the set of deliverables for each project, automatically calculating key performance indicators.


Redmine Budget was a project sponsored by Shane and Peter Inc to solve a problem they were having. They found it was difficult to connect different client deliverables with tasks in Redmine. This made estimation and progress tracking difficult and time consuming. Their larger projects just moving too fast to make sure they were staying in the budget.

With the Redmine Budget plugin, they can now link client deliverables directly to the task in Redmine and have the plugin automatically track financial information. Using the Budget dashboard, they can get a overview of how the project is doing and if there are any problem areas appearing.

The latest code is hosted on GitHub.

Technology Used

Status: Complete

Company: Shane and Peter, Open Source