Redmine Timesheet Plugin


  • Allow a manager to report on user timelogs across all projects
  • Try to building a Redmine plugin

At a Glance

  • Open Source plugin for Redmine
  • First third party Redmine plugin, developed in October 2007 and released in January 2008
  • Contributors from 3 countries

The Redmine Timesheet plugin is plugin for the Redmine Project Management suite to report on employee timelogs across all projects.


The Redmine Timesheet plugin started out as an exercise to learn how to build Redmine plugins back in October 2007. I was entering my time into the Redmine system but found it difficult to find out how much time I entered on a specific day without checking every project. Since it’s first Open Source release in January 2008, it has been downloaded over a thousand times and has contributors from 3 countries.

The latest code is hosted on GitHub.

Technology Used

Status: Complete.

Company: Little Stream Software, Open Source