Custom Shopify App Development

Help your public Shopify App become the SaaS you've always wanted

You've finally launched your Shopify app, and it's been approved for the Shopify App Store.

It took you months of development, pouring your blood, sweat, and tears onto your keyboard.

But you made it and you've launched!

Then the problems started.

Bugs that you never even thought about appeared.

API issues that leave you tied up in knots trying to figure out how the hell to get the data you need to your app.

And then the big one hits...

The dreaded one star review

"One star. This app doesn't work and support isn't responsive. -- A Shopify merchant and ex-customer"

Well, one bad review won't hurt you and you just launched. Surely one person will run into a bug, that's expected. I mean who could blame you if...


"One star. ALL OF MY PRODUCTS WERE DELETED -- An irate ex-customer"

Oh no!

Wasn't this supposed to be easier?

It wasn't supposed to be like this, right?

Shopify has been an extremely successful platform with 1,000s of apps and over 200,000 stores.

Building an app to integrate with them was supposed to be an easy step for your growing ecommerce software company.

I mean, look at all of those other app developers who are working full-time on their Shopify apps. What about the ones that have grown an entire staff?

Your experience can't be normal. There's no way that every app has these problems. Right? Right.

But what can you do?

Building Shopify apps require technical skills

While building Shopify apps might seem simple at first, there's a lot actually going on. Developers and entrepreneurs underestimate what it takes to create a strong, successful Shopify app.

Creating a strong, successful app starts before you even get into the Shopify App Store.

Shopify apps use a mix of complex technology in order to do the simplest things.

REST, JSON, AJAX, OAuth... oh my!

And that's just to get the most basic "Hello World" app. Never mind what you need to know in order to actually solve your customer's problems.

Help is available

What you need is an experienced adviser to help you through the development, launch, and maintenance of your Shopify app. Someone who has done it before and can help you avoid the landmines and snares that catch even the most careful developer.

I'm Eric Davis, and I build and maintain custom Shopify apps for my clients.

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Eric Davis
Shopify Partner and App Developer

P.S. The longer you delay taking action, the larger the problem will be. Adding code to an application in development could be code that you have to remove later. If you're already launched, you might be minutes away from getting a bad review. A review that stays with your app as long as it exists, forever dragging down your App Store ranking.

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