Custom Shopify Development for Merchants via Private Apps

How you can customize Shopify to reduce data entry, automate processes, and increase revenue.

Are you using Shopify but wish it could be better tailored to your store?

You probably have little things here and there that aren't enough of a problem to make you go through the agony of switching platforms. But these things are annoyances.

Or maybe you have bigger needs from Shopify, like fixing that missing an integration with your shipping vendor forcing you and your staff to enter 316 orders. Every. Single. Day.

With everything great about Shopify, the fact is that you're using a platform that powers hundreds of thousands of other stores everyday. That means it's impossible to have it customized for you...



Your dream ecommerce platform

Imagine if you could have all of those little rough edges filed down into a smooth system that operated liked a fine machine. An ecommerce machine that works exactly how you want it to work.

Just think if your Shopify store automagically updated your fulfillment vendor, your shipping companies, and your warehouse inventory every time an order was placed. No more time-consuming and error-prone data entry.

What if your entire store acted like it was on a custom ecommerce platform, but still had the reliability and support of Shopify?

How smooth would your ecommerce operation run then?

Pretty smooth, right?

Private Shopify Apps can build your dream ecommerce platform on top of Shopify

This dream is a possibility.

And you can stay on Shopify, no platform migration needed.

What many Shopify merchants have discovered is that you can use the power of Shopify's App APIs to create 100% custom, private apps tailor-made for your store.

These work exactly like the public apps you see in the App Store but they are exclusively yours, custom-made to fit your Shopify store's needs.

The Power of Private Apps

I'm Eric Davis, and I build custom private apps to improve the integration of your Shopify store into your business.

Private apps can solve a lot of problems that you might be worried about:

There are limits to what private apps can do, but if you work within those limits you can do pretty much anything.

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There's no obligation or commitment by getting in touch. All that I ask is that you are as honest and open with me as possible so we can discuss and decide together what's the best option for you.

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