Shopify Dispatch Issue #12 - December 16th, 2015

App Integration Will Benefit Your Ecommerce Website

Spending time (and thus money) keeping all of you business data up-to-date sucks. Sometimes it's a must-do, like making sure your customer orders are sent to your supplier. Other data updates are a should-do, which... let's be honest here, get put off until later. One way to solve this is to app integration to automate most or all of these manual processes.

Using Ecommerce Site Search for Customer Insights

Your customer's behavior generates a lot of data. One of the easy ones to capture and analyze are their searches. These show exactly what they are looking for and since they're searching on your ecommerce store, this shows their buying intent. Taking the time to analyze your site search either manually or automatically, can be a very powerful store optimization.

Get rid of manual processes in your Shopify store SPONSOR

Stop wasting your time performing manual processes over and over and over. Using a custom Shopify app, many manual processes can be replaced and automated.

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