Shopify Dispatch Issue #143 - Customer service, Ecommerce metrics

Upset Customers? Here's How to Tackle Complaints When There's No Easy Answer.

Customer service overall is really poor, which is surprising since customers have more power than ever (social media, protection laws, etc).

It's much better for everyone involved to try to fix the relationship and potentially win a customer back.

Sarah Chambers shares how you can try to fix and salvage an upset customer relationship.

10 Numbers Every Ecommerce Business Must Track

I don't think every Shopify store needs to track all of these metrics, but there are a few they should.

What I do like, is how the article is showing not just the current years metrics but last years AND the current years goal. Having all of those in one place makes it easier to spot trends.

Analyze your customer's behaviors before they defect

Your customers aren't yours forever. One might have defected today, never to be seen again.

You need to analyze your customer behavior so you can reach them before they defect.

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