Shopify Dispatch Issue #355 - Recession strategies, SMS shipping changes

Retailing in a Recession (+ 8 Tips to Stay Competitive)

Lauren Mathews writes about how to handle a recession. They also include ideas on staying competitive and even expanding during a recession.

A lot comes down to being flexible and adaptive.

Changes to SMS Shipping notifications

Shopify has rolled out a change so SMS shipping notifications will not be sent for email checkouts, and vice versa.

Start noticing seasonal spikes in customer behavior

Cohort reports let you detect seasonal spikes as well as long-term retention cycles. Repeat Customer Insights can automatically create cohorts for your Shopify store, going back to your very first order.

My articles this week

Using Shopify's Customer segments to find loyal customers

Let a computer do the boring analysis

Your repeat customers can become your store's safety net in lean times

Measure customer loyalty to make better decisions

Eric Davis

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