Shopify Dispatch Issue #449 - Avoid IP redirects, EU Accessibility Act

Issue #449 - May 1st, 2024

Avoid automatic redirection based on IP address

Ilana Davis writes about how automatic IP redirection is bad for SEO.

I wish Shopify would follow the rules about it instead of letting stores break their entire domains. Feels like they flip-flop every year since I started paying attention.

E.U. Accessibility Act Impacts Global Merchants

Bet Hannon highlights the upcoming EU Accessibility Act that comes into effect in 2025. This could become a major issue for Shopify and Shopify themes (not even counting the number of lawsuits in the US).

Figure out which sales channels send you the best customers

With the acquisition source analysis, Repeat Customer Insights can show you which sales channels are sending you the best customers.

My articles this week

Tracking historic customer segments automatically

New product demo data added to Repeat Customer Insights

Send reminder emails to one-time customers

Stop promoting products that don't create repeat customer

Eric Davis

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