Shopify Dispatch Issue #5 - October 28th, 2015

Third-party warehousing and fulfillment

Much of the advice you'll find about ecommerce is about the online side: setting up your storefront, marketing, taking orders, etc. Sometimes fulfilling those orders is regulated to busy work that you dread. Casandra Campbell writes about how you can use third-party warehousing and fulfillment instead of doing it yourself.

Promo code analytics

Before you start giving discounts to your customers, you should take a minute and analyze what could happen. Sure, creating a 10% discount for your upcoming sales is easy but will that 10% actually increase your profit, sales, or customer base? Or will it actually cost you more than if you left everything alone? In Promo Codes: Discounts vs. Benefits, for Ecommerce Abhi Jadhav shows how you can analyze your promo codes and pick the right one for you.

Get rid of manual processes in your Shopify store SPONSOR

Stop wasting your time performing manual processes over and over and over. Using a custom Shopify app, many manual processes can be replaced and automated.

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