Shopify Dispatch Issue #85 - Ecommerce positioning, Google Data Studio for SEO

How to unlock rock-solid positioning in three steps

Drew Sanocki writes about to build an ecommerce brand that stands for something in your customers minds.

Using Google Data Studio for SEO

This tutorial is a bit advanced but if you needed a free way to analyze a bunch of SEO data, this looks solid.

I also did some playing around with Google Data Studio and have a bunch of new dashboard ideas combining Google Analytics, custom CSVs, and Shopify data.

Just approved for the App Store: Sticky SPONSOR

Your Add to Cart button is some of the most valuable digital real estate in your store. What are you doing to keep it front-and-center for your customers?

Sticky helps by always showing your Add to Cart button so your customers always have a clear, impossible-to-miss call to action.

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Thanks, I'll see you next week

Eric Davis

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