Shopify Dispatch Issue #92 - Rich Snippets, Calls to action

Overview of Rich Snippets, their jargon, and how you can get them for your Shopify store

Keeping up with Google Search's products and tweaks can be a full time job, one that you need to do very well if your store gets a decent volume of traffic from SEO. Mix that with complicated technical products like structured data and it's easy to see why I had to write a guide to Rich Snippets and their jargon.

Need More Conversions? Review Your Calls to Action

Conversion rate optimization is always an ongoing process. Pamela Hazelton writes about one of the key components to look at, your calls to action and a simple way to test them.

Show your products directly in search results SPONSOR

Improve your click-through rate from organic traffic by showing your products, prices, and availability directly in the search results. JSON-LD for SEO will do it for you, automatically.

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