Shopify Dispatch Issue #96 - Black Friday health check, On-page SEO for ecommerce

Introducing the Black Friday - Cyber Monday Health Check

Tommy Walker over on the Shopify Plus blog has just released a guide to get ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I've only scanned the report but it looks like there's some good recommendations in it, even for non-Plus stores

On-page SEO for eCommerce: How to optimize your online store

Bill Widmer has created a great guide for reviewing and optimizing your on-page SEO. I'm a bit sad he didn't mention JSON-LD for SEO instead of doing all that work with Google's Data Highlighter, but I'll let that slide.

Make more sales with Flair product badges

Increase your sales by using Flair product badges to promote scarcity, social proof and urgency. You can have your first badge up in minutes.

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Thanks, I'll see you next week

Eric Davis

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